About Permalink

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Who we are here at Permalink

Welcome to Permalink, where our ethos is to support individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives, their way. As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider, we are more than just a support organisation; we are enablers of lifestyle choices for people with disabilities.

Established in 2018, Permalink began with a fundamental belief: everyone deserves the opportunity to live a full life, irrespective of their abilities. Our journey started with providing day-to-day supports and has since blossomed into a comprehensive spectrum of personalised services.

Our Values

At Permalink, our core values are the foubndation of our commitment to delivering exceptional support and care to our participants. These values guide our actions, shape our culture, and reflect what we stand for.

From the heartfelt passion that fuels our daily efforts, to the inclusive environment we nurture; from empowering participants through choice to the collaborative approach we adopt with our team and community — each value is integral to how we enrich the lives of those we support.

Together, these values not only define us but also drive us to make a meaningful difference in the disability sector.

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Our enthusiasm and commitment are evident in every aspect of our work, inspiring us to provide exceptional care and support that's specifically tailored to the individual needs of each participant.

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We are committed to embracing diversity, ensuring that every participant feels valued and receives equitable opportunities, regardless of their abilities or background.

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We empower our participants by respecting their autonomy, offering a variety of options that allow them to tailor their care and support according to their personal needs and preferences.

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By cultivating a spirit of teamwork and partnership, we closely engage with our staff, participants, and community partners to achieve the best possible outcomes and enhance the overall quality of our services.

What We Do

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Our Mission

Supporting the lives of People with Disability and their families by delivering exceptional care, supporting choices, and creating opportunities to achieve the best outcomes.

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Our Vision

Our vision is for an inclusive society where there is equity, access, and opportunity where people with disabilities are valued and empowered to live their best lives.

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Our Commitment

Permalink is a culture of inclusion, opportunity, and community. We are passionately committed to enabling everyone linked with Permalink Support Services to live their best lives.

Passion Fueled, Purpose Driven

We are driven by a passion to assist not just in everyday tasks, but in fostering inclusion, enhancing wellbeing, and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual we support.

What sets us apart is our ‘lifestyle focused’ approach. We don’t just provide support; we empower you to live your life your way. Every service is shaped around your preferences, choices, and aspirations. We believe in working collaboratively, not just with our dedicated team, but with families and the broader community, ensuring a holistic approach to care.

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