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Who we are

Welcome to Permalink, where our vision is to be a valued partner in bringing about positive changes. We believe in a world where every person with a disability is respected equally and empowered to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to enable you to live life to the fullest, embracing every moment with confidence and joy. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to not just meet, but exceed the expectations of those we support, ensuring that every individual is given the opportunity to thrive in an inclusive, supportive environment.

Our Support Services

At Permalink, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual we support.

Happy disabled man with down syndrome sitting on couch smiling at camera

In-Home Care

We bring compassionate and bespoke in-home care to your living space, ensuring your comfort and wellbeing are always at the forefront.

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Social and Community Participation

We enable you to engage in fulfilling social interactions and community involvement, enriching your social life and expanding your personal network.

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Group Activities and Community Programs

We offer a diverse array of group activities and community programs, designed to foster your social connections and personal growth.

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Supported Independent Living

We assist you in living independently, providing personalised support that respects your choices and lifestyle, empowering you to lead the life you choose.

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Development Of
Life Skills

Our focus is on empowering you by developing key life skills, enhancing your independence and boosting your confidence in daily activities.

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Housing and

We provide expert guidance and support in housing and tenancy, ensuring you find and maintain a living arrangement that suits your needs and preferences.

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Short / Medium Term Accommodation

We offer flexible short to medium term accommodation solutions, tailored to meet your temporary or transitional living requirements.

Disabled amputee doing gym exercises

Personal Training/Exercise Physiology

We provide customised personal training and exercise physiology, focused on enhancing your physical wellbeing and fitness to suit your unique health goals.

Comprehensive support designed for you

Our comprehensive range of care services is designed to offer you the helping hand you need, exactly when you need it.

Whether it’s assistance at home or support in navigating the community, our dedicated disability support workers are always there to accompany you, offering support every step of the way.

Specialising in health and wellbeing, we understand that your physical and mental wellbeing are crucial in achieving your lifestyle and care plan goals.

That’s why at Permalink, we utilise our extensive network of partners, including allied health professionals and accredited therapists to guide and support you in your journey towards optimal health and personal fulfilment.

Disabled man with down syndrome making pizza dough with support worker in kitchen at home
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We offer a wide range of Home and Community Care, Fitness and Social Support Services for you to choose from.​

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Our services are flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs.

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We match you with great qualified skilled disability support staff.

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We offer a diverse range of Skill Development and Case Management Services.​

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Our fees are competitively low!​

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We pride ourselves on providing a person-centered model of care to all our clients.

How we work

Our approach at Permalink is centered around a seamless, client-focused journey. From the moment you start with us, we embark on a collaborative process tailored to your individual needs.

Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure every aspect of your care and support is aligned with your goals, adapting our services as your journey evolves. With a commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness, we ensure that your experience with us is not just satisfactory, but empowering and transformative.

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Intake and Referral

Begin your NDIS journey with us by completing your Intake Form, setting the stage for personalised support.

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Initial Meeting

Kickstart your journey with an initial meeting to discuss your needs, following completion of your Intake Form.

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Support Allocation

We match you with the ideal Support Worker, ensuring a tailored fit to your unique preferences and requirements.

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Support Review

Your feedback is vital. We regularly review your supports and help implement any changes needed as you progress.

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Ongoing Support

Continuously enhancing your experience, we seek ongoing feedback to adapt and refine your supports over time.

Navigating the NDIS

We will work with you and your family to identify your disability services eligibility under the NDIS and clearly define your preferred outcomes. We help you to plan and steer you through the NDIS application, prepare you for your NDIS meetings and reviews. We’ll assist you to keep track of your goals and milestones while we support you in achieving those goals and celebrating those milestones.

Together, we can

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Support You To Plan for Your Future

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Guide You Through the NDIS Application Process and Stages

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Identify What You Are Eligible for Under the NDIS Banner

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Prepare You for Your NDIS Planning Meeting and Review

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Clearly Identify Your Outcomes

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Help You Keep Track of Your Goals

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Provide the Necessary Supports You Need

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Celebrate Every Milestone You Achieve