Understanding NDIS Capacity Building Supports

Capacity Building Supports empowers you. With Permalink Support Services, participants achieve goals, enhancing skills, independence, and community participation, guided confidently.

Understanding NDIS Capacity Building Supports:

Aiming to equip NDIS participants for achieving long-term goals. Diverging from Core Supports, they amplify skills, independence, and community involvement. NDIS-endorsed categories focus on distinct developmental areas and empowerment, including:

Improved Daily Living: Supports aim to enhance daily living skills, encompassing personal care, household tasks, and meal preparation.

Elevate Relationships: Assistance is provided in developing and maintaining positive relationships with family, friends, and the broader community.

Boost Health and Wellbeing: Physical and mental health services incorporate exercise programs, dietary guidance, and mental health counselling, contributing to holistic well-being.

Develop Learning: Support is provided for educational and skill-building activities, including vocational training, language classes, and literacy programs.

Better Life Choices: Assistance is provided in making informed decisions, setting goals, and planning for the future.

Permalink Support Services: Empowering Participants to Thrive

With crucial facilitation by Permalink Support Services, tailored programs and interventions deliver Capacity Building Supports to NDIS participants.

Here’s how Permalink Support Services assist participants in maximising their NDIS Capacity Building Supports:

Personalised Support Plans: Participants’ strengths, challenges, and aspirations are carefully taken into account by Permalink Support Services when crafting personalised support plans.

Skill Development Workshops: Participants benefit from skill workshops organised by Permalink Support Services, focusing on communication, social interaction, and independent living.

Community Engagement Activities: Permalink Support Services facilitate community engagement through social events, recreation, and volunteering, promoting social inclusion and meaningful connections.

Individualised Coaching and Mentoring: Permalink Support Services offer personalised sessions to overcome barriers and achieve goals, fostering independence and skill development.

Support and Empowerment: Permalink Support Services advocate for participants within the NDIS and broader community, promoting autonomy and rights.

Vitally empowered by NDIS Capacity Building Supports, individuals with disabilities lead meaningful lives. Permalink Support Services assist by harnessing strengths and building skills.

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